Picture this. A perfect lozenge-shaped fresh-water lagoon, roughly the size of six football pitches, set in the lush, green Conwy Valley in the lee of the Snowdonia mountains. Breathe it in. It’s clean, it’s fresh, it’s wild and it’s beautiful.

Now add something entirely unexpected. A two-metre-high barrelling wave that starts at the centre of the lagoon, peels perfectly for more than 150 metres, and dissipates softly as it hits the shore.

Welcome to the Surf Snowdonia Wavegarden®: a revolutionary world-first inland surf lagoon and the UK’s most compelling outdoor adventure destination for you, your friends and the whole family to enjoy.

But the awe-inspiring Wavegarden isn’t the only reason to come to Surf Snowdonia. You’re going to love our totally addictive Crash & Splash water-based obstacle lagoon – and ‘blobbing’ – as well as our surf-side café bar, coffee shops and retail space. And our 50-metre glass-fronted viewing gallery will let you get right up close to the surf action without even getting wet!

Smaller visitors will love our soft play shack. Take a look at how to find us here.


Set as we are in the majestic Conwy Valley in North Wales, we’re lucky enough to have made our home amongst the rivers, mountains, woodlands and wildlife of Snowdonia.

It’s a place where you’ll find some of Britain’s most dramatic and intriguing landscapes, many of which have barely changed since the last Ice Age. Hard to see how you could be anything but uplifted and inspired by it.

We’ve built Surf Snowdonia on a former industrial site – an aluminium rolling and casting works which closed in 2007. Before we set to work on the site it was a derelict, brownfield wasteland with little prospect for development – until we came along with the idea of our Wavegarden Surf Lagoon that is… Over the course of our twelve-month construction phase we completely cleaned up the site and removed over a hundred years’ worth of industrial waste. And now we’re looking pretty good on it, we have to say.

Recycling is a big deal for us. We have crushed and reused 25,000 cubic metres of onsite material, and 85% of the stone we have used in construction is recycled. We have also recycled 400 tonnes of steel, cast iron and copper from the site. It’s a pretty impressive transformation.

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